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Win-Win Roulette intends to be a token-based roulette where all players can share the casino profits. But the realization is poor and the global result quite disappointing.

If the game itself works properly and offers a satisfying provably fair experience, the outdated/clumsy registration process, the dull interface, limited withdrawal options, and the lack of an integrated exchange considerably damage it.

It’s a shame, as the original idea was ambitious and laudable. An Ethereum token solely created for roulette players opened up original possibilities and promises. As of now, Win-Win Roulette fails to deliver them, while the RLT token, mandatory to play this game, is not attractive enough to justify the hassle. We can only hope it improves.

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Win-Win Roulette detailed review

Registration process, deposits/withdrawals

This game is entirely based on the RLT token – you cannot play with any other currencies.

The good news is that all new players get an instant free balance of 200,000 credits, equivalent to 200 RLT. The bad news is that, in order to convert this into a real bonus, you have to play 200 spins and end up with at least 600,000 credits (meaning a decent streak of luck…). If you lose all your credits, another 200k is instantly credited to your balance, and the process is repeated.

You can start playing right away, but you will need to register via email AND verify your account to make a withdrawal. Worse, the verification process requires the use of social networks, Facebook or Vkontakte. Seriously? It’s 2018 and we are in cryptoland, but the only way to verify a gaming account is through Facebook? omfg/wtf.

Anyway, deposits can be made in RLT tokens from any Ethereum wallet. The withdrawals are less user-friendly: you will need first an account on Livecoin (the only place where RLT is currently traded), then get a voucher code from the casino that will allow to transfer the chosen amount of tokens to the exchange. Not amazing.

User interface and game

Win-Win Roulette is a Web-based standard European roulette offering all the usual betting options (and conventional payouts).

The look and feel is simple and the interface is basic, in the dull sense of the word. If you’re looking for fancy (or just fun), pass your way. The main page is clear and readable enough though, giving access to all the necessary information. Some menus, including the login form, won’t work on some browsers, such as Chrome or Opera. And even the Facebook account verification process didn’t work properly when we tried. Ouch.

The game is reasonably fast, with a minimalist (and somewhat weak) animation highlighting a few numbers on the first column before revealing the winning number. All is ”OK” but looks a bit ”old school” and slightly boring after a while.

The key part (and the most attractive) aspect of Win-Win Roulette is the ability for the players to be rewarded even without playing: with at least 1000 RLT in your balance, you should automatically receive dividends from the game’s global profits.

Provably fair verification

At least the casino got this part right. The provably fair mechanism is briefly but clearly explained, and the player has the possibility to change the custom seed used for the next spin. You will need an external hash calculator to verify the numbers, but all the necessary data is here and everything is quite straightforward.

Operator, security and transparency

Win-Win Roulette is developed under the umbrella name, which was also responsible for the creation of the RLT token and its ICO (April 2017).

The project includes the development of several other casino games. A blockchain-based roulette, also created by Smartplay, already exists on the Ethereum Testnet.

As of now, the developers of the project are anonymous, but they announced in August 2018 their intention to reveal their identities, in order to legalize their solution and get a proper gaming license. In the meantime, the team is reasonably active on several social networks or forums and recently appeared on live conventions/exhibitions.

You can try Win-Win Roulette here.

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