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With its nearly perfect and ultra-readable interface (available in 6 languages), a good diversity of games, a flawless registration and deposit/withdrawal process, and an easy and precise access to its provable fairness, Stake is undoubtedly one of the best provably fair crypto-casinos you can find.

Some may find it somewhat too minimalist. In some cases, a few additional words of explanation would not harm, while some games could benefit from having more options. Most players would also surely appreciate to know more about the operator and the way wallets are stored and secured.

Despite this, Stake offers one of the best gamer experience around.

Read our detailed review below or try Stake now.


Stake detailed review

Registration process, deposits/withdrawals

Registering on Stake is simple and immediate: the only thing you need to start playing is an email address.

The casino includes a faucet, but you can only use it when your balance is zero. You will not go far with the faucet, but at least it allows to try a few games before depositing. It’s worth noting that some games, such as Plinko, can be played for as little as 1 satoshi (0.00000001 BTC).

You can deposit in 5 different cryptos: BTC, LTC, ETH, DOGE and BCH. This last choice is debatable, as we certainly don’t want to see more people using this Bcash crap, and would rather have the option to use some more serious cryptos, such as DASH, XMR or ZEC.

Our Bitcoin deposit was almost instantly confirmed and appeared on our balance in less than a minute. Not a big deal, but note that there is no integrated exchange on Stake: if you deposit BTC, you will only play with Bitcoin. Withdrawals require a minimum balance of 0.002 BTC (and there is a small withdrawal fee, 5000 satoshis for Bitcoin). Our withdrawal request was fully processed in about 8 minutes. Smooth.

User interface and games

For its design, Stake has chosen simplicity with a readable and colorful yet minimalist user interface. Everything works smoothly and, even if some players may find the look and feel too simple, this choice will surely satisfy plenty of others, tired of cluttered and heavy screens. Thanks to its excellent readability, Stake is elegant and well on par with modern Web design, providing a pleasant user experience, accessible to a wide audience.

All buttons and data are where they should be, all controls are intuitive and readable. Apart from small details (such as the minimum betting amount for each game, that should be more clearly indicated), the interface is quite complete and offers a decent amount of settings (animation or not, sounds or not, live stats additional screen…).

Some of the proposed games are classic (Dice, Roulette, Plinko, Blackjack, Baccarat, Keno) but others are more original: Diamond Poker (a simplified version of Caribbean stud poker of sort), Wheel (where you can chose the number of segments and the risk level), Chartbet (buster game with the option to automatically cash out at a specific level). For each game, a short tutorial and rules are easily accessible.

Provably fair verification

All the games available on Stake are provably fair and the casino obviously made a strong effort to facilitate the verification process for players.

On every game and for every round of betting, the casino provides an easily accessible history: the player can replay the previous games and access the verification page for a specific round, where all the data are clearly presented (server seed, client seed, nonce, leading to the random numbers required for the game). On top of that, for every game, the player can modify its client seed, through an easily accessible button. All this would have sometimes deserved a few more words of explanation, but the verification process on Stake is close to exemplary.

Operator, security and transparency

Players accounts can be secured by Two factor Authentication (2FA, highly recommended if you store important amount of money), but little is known on where and how crypto-wallets are protected by the casino.

Our main (and almost only) reserve on Stake comes from the lightweight available information regarding its operator. It is hard to know where the operator is located, or even if there is a real company behind it. The site presents a link to a gaming license in Curaçao, with a P.O. Box address there.

Stake does have official Twitter and Facebook accounts though, and the operator is verified by the Crypto Gambling Foundation.

You can try Stake casino here.

(Our reviews are real, unbiased and honest. Take it or leave it.)

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