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CryptoSlots is a Bitcoin casino offering exclusive slots with provably fair mechanisms. You can see it as a kind of hybrid between a standard online casino and a truly crypto-based slots operator.

Cryptos are simply used as a method to feed an account that will actually be used in dollars only. We are not crazy about some of the deposit/withdrawal requirements and we would appreciate to know more about the house edge on the slots. In terms of available slots, the choices are more limited than on standard online casinos.

But the provable fairness verification (clear and well done), the convenience and relative anonymity of cryptos as deposits/withdrawals methods, and some well designed original slot machines made our experience on CryptoSlots overall pleasant and enjoyable.

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CryptoSlots detailed review

Registration process, deposits/withdrawals

You simply need a pseudonym and a verified email address to register.

The minimum deposit is $25 (about 0.004 BTC). Deposits can only be made in three cryptos: BTC, BCH and LTC. This is a bit limited and, as we said before, the inclusion of BCH is absurd. We would rather have ETH, ZEC or others instead…

Our first deposit in BTC was nearly instant, with a sweet 111% welcome bonus added to it (don’t forget to fill the required field to claim your bonus before depositing). We were able to start playing a couple of minutes after our transaction was validated on the Bitcoin network. Fast and efficient.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $100, which was a bit disappointing. It is somewhat hard to accept that the withdrawal amount is 4x the minimal deposit amount, especially in a casino of the crypto era, where money processing is not plagued by banks and other intermediaries.

Note that your deposit choice determines your withdrawal method: if you deposited BTC, you can only withdraw BTC. You can withdraw to the Bitcoin address of your choosing though. Once our welcome bonus was cleared, we were able to withdraw our winnings. No questions asked, nice and easy. For some reasons, it took a little bit more than 24 hours to see our bitcoins credited to our wallet, which is surprisingly long, but it worked anyway.

User interface and game

CryptoSlots offers about 20 slots and a few video poker games. The lobby interface is not amazingly fancy or sophisticated, but functional and complete. The slots themselves show a much more attractive design. Games load fast, animations are smooth. Once inside a game, the user experience is pleasant. Our favorite slot machine, Coin Rush (above), is a nice variation featuring real cryptocurrencies logos and free spins with an increasing multiplier.

The available credit is indicated in ”coins”, which are in fact $ cents (a bit confusing at first, since these coins have nothing to do with the bitcoins you deposited initially). That’s something we don’t really love on CryptoSlots: once your deposit is done, your money is converted in dollars and you play only in dollars. Cryptos are therefore only a way to feed your account, not the real currencies used by the casino.

The minimum bet on slots is usually low (between $0.15 and $0.40) but there are a few high limits slots allowing much bigger minimal bets. While playing, you automatically collect tokens giving you some shots on a specific slot machine with a jackpot of $1 million.

Provably fair verification

If everything on CryptoSlots looks familiar, the provably fair verification is different, and may be among the best we have seen.

Before each spin of the reels, the operator provides the hash of the server seed and the player can pick his/her own seed (a number from 1 to 9, called ”client seed”). The hash is the encrypted and non human-readable version of 9 random reels combinations, one of which being a winning combination. Therefore, with his/her seed, the player actually picks one of the 9 possible combinations, without being able to see which one is the winning one. The number picked by the player will be the final combination actually shown on the slots for this spin.

After each spin, the user has access to all the data, and even to a nice list of the 9 initial possible combinations (shown as a text list assorted with the corresponding slots screens). Using any external SHA-256 calculator, the player can then verify that the game was fair: nothing was changed after his/her bet, only the given list of possible reels combinations could have lead to the given hash, and the client seed has been properly taken into account.

We would have liked to have more details on the random numbers generation itself and about the house edge. But the provable fairness on CryptoSlots is not only clearly explained and easily understandable, but nicely presented.

Operator, security and transparency

CryptoSlots is operated by Slotland Entertainment SA, a company already operating a few gambling sites for a while (such as, established in August 1998). The company has a fully compliant gaming license registered in Anjouan (the Comoros islands).

The team in charge can easily be contacted through a live chat room, via email or on Facebook and Twitter.

You can try CryptoSlots here.

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