Sp8de: core protocol finalized and first use-case launched

Sp8de, a blockchain-based platform for unbiased public randomness, announced that the 4th stage of its MVP development has been completed successfully. The core protocol of the platform, named CHAOS, has been finalized and can generate ”millions of random numbers without difficulty,” the company said. ”That’s enough to provide the world’s largest casinos with blockchain-backed fairness.”

A few days after this announcement, Sp8de presented its first use-case with the launch of a Cryptokitties Charity Raffle, based on the popular crypto-collectibles games. Participants can buy tickets in Bitcoin or Ethereum until October 22, to get a chance to win very rare Cryptokitties, including one worth more than 100 ETH. All proceedings will go to Cat Town, an Oakland-based non-profit animal rescue devoted to cats. Sp8de’s Chaos RNG will be used to pick the winners without any possible doubt on the fairness of the outcome.

Sp8de relies on its own utility token, SPX. The release of the fully functional platform should happen in the coming months, starting with a gaming wallet and real games. Sp8de’s first game should feature ”a well-known, multi-round, dice gameplay along with a space theme.”

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