Report: decentralized games attract half a million monthly users

The latest ”Industry report”, published by independent website DGaming, gives an interesting insight on the evolution of ”dGames” – decentralized games played on the Ethereum and Eosio blockchains through dApps (decentralized apps).

The report, released a few days ago but focusing on October 2018, confirms that decentralized games are on the raise. The total number of available games (gaming and gambling combined) is estimated at 900, and the monthly active users base is reaching 500,000. ”Since February 2018, we’ve seen at least 111 new dApps released each month,” the authors added.

On Ethereum, gambling is responsible for almost 90% of volumes (or $18 million, based on a price at 1 ETH = 198.7 USD) and accounts for 70% of monthly active users. The monthly progress is also quite significant: decentralized games show a global increase of 27% in volumes between September and October. Gambling games volumes are increasing even faster, from 63,000 ETH in September to more than 90,000 ETH in October (+30%). The monthly average users for Ethereum dGames (129,000 users) also increased by 13% in October.

As far as gambling is concerned, decentralized dice games are by far the most popular, with, Etheroll and FCK leading the way.

For EOS, ”gambling volume dwarfs gaming, with just 0.07% of the volume coming from gaming”, the report noted, adding that ”data for the EOS blockchain is susceptible to being skewed by bots, especially for gambling DApps”. The number of active users on EOS (412,000) may therefore not be totally relevant. Besides, a single game, BetDice, seems to get the lion’s share of EOS players: ”the median daily volume for BetDice is 48% of the average daily volume for the entire EOS Gambling dApp market.”

”This is the first time our report has explored the EOS gambling niche and solutions clearly need to be found to refine the gambling data,” the authors concluded.

The full report can be downloaded here.

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