FunFair launches ”the world’s first truly fair blockchain casino”

CasinoFair, under its tagline ”Famous for Fairness”, is the first online casino using FunFair technology to ensure a complete fairness of the games.

Notably, the casino ”will never hold custody of player funds, with all gaming session funds held in escrow and distributed immediately to the player and house when the game ends, while its FairChecker feature ensures provably fair gameplay, preventing either party from tampering with the outcome.”

For now, the casino is only available in Canada, Norway, Finland, Switzerland and Thailand. Players require both FUN and ETH to play, and will also need a MetaMask wallet and a registered FunPass, FunFair’s proprietary KYC (Know Your Customer) service. CasinoFair offers two different slots, half a dozen classic games (Blackjack, Roulette…) and a dice game.

FunFair conducted a successful ICO in June 2017, raising $26 million in 4 hours and resulting in the creation of the Ethereum-based FUN token. The company is a decentralized blockchain casino platform provider, developing by itself the platform, protocol and games, with the goal to license these games to other operators.


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