CoinPoker introduces decentralized card shuffling

CoinPoker, one of the first crypto-based online poker rooms, using its own token (CHP) on the Ethereum blockchain, has just introduced ”a revolutionary decentralized random number generation software.” The mechanism intends to bring a novel transparency to the poker tables, allowing the players to be sure (and verify by themselves) that the deals are fair.

Using the same cryptographic hash function used on the Ethereum network, the software uses input from all players at a table to shuffle the deck. ”Once a hand is completed, players can verify the randomness of the deck, as well as see the undealt cards that would have been in play,” the company added. A complete explanation guide has been provided, showing how players’ seeds and hashing are being used and how the verification process works

In addition, CoinPoker is launching a bug bounty contest, offering 1,000,000 CHP ($2,800 as of today) to anyone who can prove its transparent card shuffling system faulty.

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