Blockchain lottery Quanta readying for launch

Presented as ”the world’s first fully licensed blockchain lottery,” Quanta intends to transform the conventional lottery for the better, offering ”a transparent, fully-autonomous, and manipulation-proof gaming experience.”

At BlockShow Asia 2018 in Singapore, the company insisted on the importance of compliance with the regulations, noting that the Isle of Man, where Quanta is registered and licensed, was ”an excellent jurisdiction to base a blockchain based gaming company.”

The start-up presented its solution, based on Ethereum, where ”every draw is immutably recorded with a clear and transparent history on a blockchain acting like an open ledger where every party involved can be reviewed by participants.” Quanta has its own token, the Quanta Network Token Utility (QNTU), currently listed on five crypto exchanges, and will also use Randao, a proprietary RNG system that has been ”tested and certified by an independently gaming laboratory to prove that it is completely random and humanly unpredictable.”

Quanta representatives added that ”a major development with a local lottery operator in Africa will be announced soon.”

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