About is an information website devoted to crypto-based, provably fair online gaming.

Generally speaking, “provably fair” is a method to prove that a supposedly random game was indeed purely random — after the game happened. Thanks to cryptography and blockchains, “probably fair games” can be developed and allow the players to be sure, through a mathematical proof, that a game was 100% fair.

In our view, this is a very big deal (pun intended) and even a new era for the iGaming industry.


Who we are and what we provide is produced by a small team of journalists, crypto-enthusiasts and experts in online gaming/gambling. One of our freelance contributors, Cyril Fievet, is a journalist and author who has been covering emerging technologies for about 20 years.

The site features news, reviews and guides helping players to know better (and possibly benefit from) the new world of provably fair crypto-based games. A dictionary and a directory of provably fair games complete the editorial content. You can subscribe for free to our newsletter or our RSS feed to receive news and updates.

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Legal disclaimer

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(BTW, this doesn’t affect our judgement and all opinions stated here are our own. Our reviews are unbiased and honest. This website being entirely devoted to fairness in gaming, that makes sense, no? We actually and thoroughly test the games ourselves, and we have no problem telling the world that a game or service is bad when we think it is.)

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What we are not

We are not a gambling website.

We don’t provide any financial or investment advice.

We don’t recommend or advocate gambling. Gambling is addictive, dangerous, and possibly harmful or painful. But if you decide to do it, we just advise to do it with online games that you can really trust, from a mathematical point of view.


Words of wisdom

Do not mix up “Provably Fair” and “Bitcoin accepted here”
There are a lot of so called “Bitcoin casinos” or “Crypto Gambling Websites” out there. It simply means that they accept Bitcoin (or other crypto-currencies) as a method of payment for deposits and withdrawals. It’s a good thing, and we certainly want all merchants in the world to embrace and accept Bitcoin. But, unless specifically mentioned, these casinos and gambling websites are not necessarily fair. In fact, most of them work exactly like all online casinos before: they have full control over their draws, and the players cannot verify anything.

“Provably Fair” doesn’t mean secure
A provably fair online gaming website simply provides you with a way to be 100% sure and to verify that the draws are fair and actually random. It doesn’t mean that these websites and services are secure, will never be hacked or will operate forever. Investigate, ask around, read reviews and always start with small amounts of money.

Gambling Problems
Gambling can be addictive and you should never gamble more money than you can afford to lose. If you feel that you may have gambling problems, consider asking for advice or for help:
BeGambleAware (UK)
National Council on Problem Gambling (US)
Gamblers Anonymous (Anywhere)